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Current Tenants


Studio # Name Medium Web Site
100 Wallace Hill    
101 Chris Wing    
102 Margaret Sullivan    
104 Aribert Munzner Painting  
106 Michael Robbins    
107 Jill Meyer, Mary Stiff, Sandra Baines, Maria Bianchi    
108 Chris Kvale Cycles Bicycle making, maintenance and repair  
110 Larry Nelson, Dave Senn Nelson & Senn Exceptionals  
111 Chris Ahalt    
112 The Turning Point Woodworks Woodworks  
116 Anwar Ali High Quality Furniture  
200 Nancy Ruppenthal LISCW Psychotherapy Partners Therapy  
201 Merra Young Rivers Way  
202 Gretchen Amis    
203 Mark Roberts,  Denise Rouleau Artisan www.markdroberts.net
204 Peter Von Sien    
205 James R. Von Sien    
206 Robert Rosen, Shawn McConneloug, and Her Orchestra Theatre  
207 William Pottengeir Yoga www.mplsyogaworkshop.com
208 Wendy Knox Frank Theater  
209 Diane Goodwin, Blue Sky Designs Designs for people with disabilities/Accessible designs www.blueskydesigns.us
211 Naomi Siegal / Success in Motion Therapy Occupational Therapy www.successinmotiontherapy.com
212 Naomi Siegal / Success in Motion Therapy Occupational Therapy www.successinmotiontherapy.com
213 Paul Peterson, Mitchell Hanley     
214 Damian Garner    
215 John Harvey Limelight  
216A Thomas & Katharine Flesher     
216B Karen Townsend, Jessica Haas Massage
216C Robert Styruyk    
217 Marcia Meredith    
218 William E. Owen    
220 Steven Sandberg Woodwind and Brass Repair  
221 Steven Sandberg Woodwind and Brass Repair  
222 Kathie Bailey, LICSW  Heart Springs Arts  
223 Barbara Shelton Bab's Casting  
224 Wendy C. Morris Creative Leadership Studio  
226    Andy Lear LLC    
227 Mary Jennings/A new Dimension Theater www.imaginationtheater.com
228 Kim Pickering, Sue Kolstad    
229 Maggie Evans, Erin Bugher    
230 Vincent Dominguez    
231 Felicia Sy    

Roger Miller
Creative Director

REM Video & Event Company
Meeting Your Needs... Getting Results 


200B Brian Garrity,  Robert Orr    
200C Virgil Leon Thurman Voice Center  
200D Susan Hirschmugl, A. R. Meyer    
200E Don Macleod Text Book Reseller  
200F Brad Peterson Gangling Construction  
200G Annie Rollins, Avyn Alexander    
220A Tan H. Nguyen   Nguyen  Architects www.nguyenarchitects.com
225A Office-Mary Dobbs    
225B Ellie Kingsbury Artisan  
Ivy Tower Second Floor Kristine Larsson    
Ivy Tower Top Floor Barry McMahon Deeper Arts http://www.DeeperArts.com
off 26th St. Pedia Pals    
off 26th St. Mary Lee    
off 26th St. Suzanne River Dance  
off 26th St. Park Supply Plumbing and HVAC Supply www.parksupplyofamerica.com
off 27th St. KidZibits    
off 27th St. Finkl and Sons    
WHSE A Donald Mathews    
WHSE B2 Richard J. Slotsve    
WHSE C Dan Debe Commercial Gaskets http://www.commercialgasketsmpls.com/
WHSE E Paul Tinetti, Kevin Dzieweczynski, Robert Kinghorn, Don Stroud    
WHSE F John Buecke    
WHSE F      
WHSE F      
WHSE G Eric Noren Peacock Groove LLC  
Studio A Jay R. Stills & James D Otis Urban Rebuilders  
Studio B Jan Joannides Renewing The Countryside  

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