The Ivy Arts Building-An artistic environment for artists, and art lovers alike.



7,000 square foot warehouse available.

  • Garage Door
  • Bathroom Access

 In Addition

730 sq. ft. Studio - $950 monthly




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The Ivy arts building is located in South Minneapolis, in the Seward neighborhood. It is designed as an environment for artists and craftsman to build and show their wares.

2637 27th Avenue South

Minneapolis MN 55406

Map of 2637 27th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406-1565, US

The Ivy arts building, a long standing tradition

The Ivy arts Building has a long, rich history in Southeast Minneapolis. The newly renovated building features  architecture from the early 1900's and suites that are  built to suit the individual needs of its tenants.

The Ivy Building currently houses a wide spectrum Arts & Crafts, as well as other businesses including: musical instrument repair, legal counsel, graphic design, community outreach, and "green business" web development and marketing.

It is also host to the Vine Arts Center, whose members work cooperatively in the aid of community growth through creativity of art. We are committed to maintaining the historical integrity of the property while encouraging the development of new tradition in the years to come.

Our objective is to establish a South Minneapolis Arts & Crafts venue for the present and future.

We have a new facility in St. Paul
Everest arts and science

Ariel inc. 2637 27th Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55406

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